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Welcome! This site is an attempt to save money while still eating all the great foods I love and enjoying fancy drinks.

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My name is Selina Saucedo. I’m a Senior at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. My concentration is Digital Media Innovation. I enjoy creating content in various forms. My minor is Writing and Rhetoric.

I live and work in Austin, Texas. I enjoy the city and what is has to offer: beautiful landscapes, a thriving music scene and delicious culinary experiences in the form of new restaurants at every turn. A couple of my favorite indulgences are Japanese ramen (specifically Ramen Tatsu-ya) and Mexican food.

Prior to living in Austin, I spent several years in San Marcos. It was my first residence away from home, plus I was a fresh college student. Many of my meals were from the dining hall with “meal swipes”, the pre-purchased meal plan card bought with tuition at the beginning of every semester. The food was what was to be expected; Meals such as pizza, burgers, and salads were offered. I spent my long nights studying consuming pizza rolls or cups of ramen.¬†When I was old enough to drink, it was always cheap beer like Lonestar and trips to the bar was only when there were specials going on.

“Treating myself” usually meant a trip to the Tap Room to splurge on a burger (which was still considerably inexpensive). My point is I spent a long time penny pinching and disregarding what I ate if it meant saving money.

So, when I made the move to Austin, I finally had a “big girl job” where I could spend the extra money to explore new tastes. You could almost imagine the animated stars in my eyes when I was going out, or the montage of plates and glasses being placed before me on the table. I tried foods I was never able to splurge and try before, coming from living in smaller towns. I acquired a different level of taste as well. This meant a lot of my meals were spent out and although I could afford it now unlike my days in the dorm, my bank account was still taking a beating.

The intention of this blog is to show my journey in attempting to recreate the many meals I’ve grown to love since moving to the city. I’ve tried to come some ways from cooking pizza rolls and ramen (even though I’ll admit I’ll resort to them as comfort food every now and then!). Please enjoy exploring the different food and drink sections.

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Contact Selina via email at s.rosetint@gmail.com.

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